For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord ,plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope

Jeremiah 29.11


Hello, I'm Fiona , I'd Like to welcome you to my website which is all about enabling born again Christians fulfil their God ordained Calling and destinies.

• Do you know what Gods will is for your life?

• Do you Know what God has called you to do?

• Are you passionate about what you are currently doing in your career?

• Have you got things holding you back from getting you where you want to be in life ?

• What are they? Relationships? Money? Your spiritual life? Health issues? Confidence or other emotional issues?

• Have you had the chance to stop and ask yourself these questions?

• If you have, are you making the changes you need to get you moving in the right direction?

I'm a Life Coach and I help Christians get unstuck and get them moving in the right direction tackling the questions raised above.

Its all about knowing Gods will for one’s life, discovering that will and following through.

A bit about me…..

I have been a Christian for 40 years,  and ‘born again’ for 15 years. I have differentiated between the 2 because they are different. The first was just in name  and I sincerely thought I was born again. I served as an Elder , was a Pastoral Visitor, served Communion, was on the Council, helped in Sunday School, went to church every Sunday and attended weekly Bible Study/ fellowship classes.

This was all action that stemmed from head knowledge, nothing to do with my heart and love for Jesus. It was not till I went through a 5 year period of ill health and not being able to walk,  that I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour in all areas of my life. I had nowhere to turn to for help as Western Medical Consultants could not help with the illness I suffered from…..a spiritual issue that only Jesus could heal.

Finally I gave up and turned to Jesus for help. This was a whole new experience for me. I felt stronger and  couldn’t get enough of reading the bible. As a result I sought help from the Church. This was when I met a loving Christian  Minister and His wife who took me through counselling using ‘ Steps to freedom in Christ’  a method which sets people free from bondages and demonic influences.

I grew stronger as I soaked up scriptures from the bible. Over the years the power of  God in my life manifested in physical and spiritual healing. I was paralysed from my waist down for 5 hours after waking up from sleep. This eventually stopped completely.  To explain further about my spiritual healing I would need to write a book! Perhaps that could be my next project if that is God’s will!

If   what I have said so far has blessed you and you would like to have an informal chat at no expense and of course confidentially then please do get in touch using the contact page on this website.